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As is mentioned on my 'work with me' page, the site is basically to show off some of my images that I think are suitable as fine art prints. I have recently undergone a transformation in the way I use and shoot my images. This has all been down to transferring to Fuji cameras. It's been a revelation in vision.

So just to go back a little in time, I initially used Nikon cameras to take photo's to upload to an online library - Alamy - I still do in fact. It's a stock image library where images are sold to newspapers, magazines and online etc. I've done this for a few years in a part time role.

A couple of years back I had a problem with my main digital camera and after doing some research decided to change brands and opted for a Fuji X-Pro 1. Initially, I was disappointed with the results and couldn't understand why this camera was getting so much attention. I wished I hadn't bought it to be honest! But I persevered and after a while was asked to shoot a retirement event at a hotel. I took a borrowed Nikon and also the Fuji. After taking about a half dozen shots with the Nikon and being totally disappointed with the results I switched to the Fuji. Immediately I could tell why it was in its own league. The results were just fantastic, it was giving me confidence and the images just got better and better all night. And the bonus was, it didn't weigh anything! I was hooked from that night.

In March 2015, I travelled to The Photography Show at The NEC, Birmingham, Britain's biggest photo event. I was there to add a lens to my X-Pro 1, a 56mm portrait lens. After visiting the stand and seeing the lens attached to a Fuji XT-1 body, foolishly I looked through the viewfinder. Big mistake, because that cost me more money buying the XT-1 body!! It was probably just the camera I wanted, rather than the X-Pro 1. I use it as my main body with 18, 35, 56 and a 10-24 zoom lens as my kit.

In March 2016, I booked a trip to Barcelona for a week. I hired the Fuji 56mm portrait lens to see if it would help me with my images. One of the days there was spent in the Sagrada Familia Church. I started off taking stock images for Alamy by using my wide angle lens. After an hour or so I thought I had exhausted everything so started watching people as they came into the hall. I noticed nearly every person stopped as they entered the main body of the church and then took their mobile phones out and looked up in awe at the roof interior. I then decided to start taking shots of them in candid poses. I still had my wide angle lens on and didn't realise how close I was to peoples faces - as above shocked lady! - so changed to my 35mm lens. I used this for a few shots and then remembered the 56mm lens I hired. Wow, and more wow when I attached that lens and got just the right amount of distance between myself and who I was shooting. And I changed the settings using the Q panel to square format and black and white. The difference was jaw dropping to me. I'd never experienced photography like it! The square format took away all the distractions and when viewing the image in camera, was brought closer due to viewing in jpeg mode. I couldn't stop shooting in there and didn't want to leave the place. It changed me completely and for the better, so thanks Fujifilm.

My journey up to today has meant I now take most, if not all my images as black and white and transform them with Nik Silver Efex software, which at the time of going to Barcelona was around £95 and I was going to purchase it, but the week after I came back, Google, who own it, decided to offer it as a free download, so great result.

After Barcelona, I made a trip to Porto and once again shot most of it as black and white and this year, 2017, have just returned from Lithuania and Latvia. There are a selection of images from four galleries with possibly more to add in the coming months. They look great printed as small 5 x 5 images suitable for IKEA square frames too and also could be printed up to 20 inch square.

Last week was my first attempt at shooting a wedding with my Fuji in black and white (June 2017) and the results are on Lauren and Simon's gallery. Hope you like them as much as I do.

Feel free to leave a comment - I would appreciate any feedback.

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