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Recently, I've managed to get my photo upload tally to 250 images on Photocrowd, the community based online competition website. These are 250 images that have been added to enter their competitions.

After realising what I had achieved since joining in 2014, it made me think about the places I had been and what I had been doing with my life. Sometimes you can easily forget the events that can happen right in front of you but with a camera those events are recorded - good or bad - forever for posterity and pleasure. It's also a great historical record and my thoughts are also that I wish I was on my journey just beginning photography, having changed my cameras and now also my style of photography through buying Fuji cameras. They have definitely changed the way I see things now and have reawakened my interest in the subjects I prefer to shoot. So for this blog, my images from the past 3 years that have been used on Photocrowd.

When I looked at the images I had submitted, not only was I astounded that I could cover so many subjects or themes for competitions, it made me think back to what I had chosen to do with my time. I seem to think that I am sat at home most of the time, sitting in front of a monitor trying to get that 'perfect' image to get my 15 minutes of fame, but looking through the thousands of images I have, reality is, I'm out and about taking photographs, meeting people, trying new techniques, going to places I wouldn't normally go and still 'learning' after over 35 years of having a camera in my hand.

And judging from what other photographers submit to Photocrowd, I'm not even that good! So its a case of more getting out there, more speaking to people, more trespassing........... I hope you enjoy the images though.


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